Thank You from Our Son - Tatum Parker Project

Thank You for Thinking of Our Son

 I am writing to you on behalf of my son. He is still too small to express his thankfulness to you and your program. He loves playing with all the great toys he got in his bag. I am sure you hear this all the time but you are an amazing little lady. Your parents should be so proud and I am sure they are. But you should also be so proud of your parents too. They are amazing too. Not many parents listen to their children’s dreams and make them happen but yours did. Your family has created an amazing program. As a parent you have touched my heart forever. We had no idea of what to expect when we opened the bag and I can tell you we were completely surprised to find such wonderful gifts. I was in tears because someone thought of something to give my son to help get him through this difficult journey he is on. Everything he will need to keep him entertained during his hospital visits. I was overwhelmed with emotions and knew I would never be able to find enough words to let you know how amazing and thoughtful you are. Or even have the right words to thank you. What you and your family are doing for kids battling cancer is amazing. This world needs more people like you. There are not many people that can make something so special and good come from such a horrible situation. You truly have touched our hearts and we thank you so much for thinking of our son.


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