Does your group want to fundraise on behalf of the Tatum Parker Project? We’ve got some ideas to get you started – but feel free to come up with your own!

Ideas for Your Group Fundraiser

  • School Hat Day – Students can make a small donation, like $1 or $2, to be allowed to wear a baseball cap to school for the day. If the school has uniforms, you could also try a Jeans Day. Work with your school to come up with the best option!
  • Host a Sale – Groups can sell baked goods, candy, rubber bracelets, and similar items to help raise funds.
  • Organize a Shave-a-thon – Participants request fundraising dollars to have their heads shaved in honor of pediatric cancer patients. People who attend the head-shaving event can also make donations on the spot.
  • Kids’ Shopping Trip – Take your (or a friend’s or family member’s) child or children to the store, and ask them to choose toys, games, or activities they think would be perfect for a Bag of Fun.

Want to host a group fundraiser or event? Reach out – we’ll help you turn your idea into a reality.
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