Facts and figures tell just one part of the Tatum Parker Project story. Experience the true impact by hearing from Bags of Fun recipients and their families!

Ellora's Story

Tennille Andrade shares her own experience with the Tatum Parker Project and just what the Bags of Fun initiative has meant to her daughter, Ellora, and their family.

Drake's Story

Abby Williams shares the story of her son, Drake’s, fight against cancer and the impact that the Tatum Parker Project’s Bags of Fun initiative has had on their family.

Maddy's Story

Our friend, Maddy Justice, recorded a video highlighting why the Bag of Fun was important to her.

Cierra's Story

When Marcy and Mike McCauley’s daughter, Cierra, received a Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis in 2012, her Bag of Fun served as a bright spot in a dark time. Now one-year cancer-free, Cierra’s parents discuss the importance of Bags of Fun and how Tatum has served as an inspiration in their daughter’s life.

Eli's Story

In August 2013, Eli was diagnosed with nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin lymphoma. Now 6-months cancer free, Eli’s mother, Erin, shares how important her son’s Bag of Fun was during his time in chemotherapy.


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