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Facts and figures tell just one part of the Tatum Parker Project story. Experience the true impact by hearing from Bags of Fun recipients and their families!

Elora’s Story

The nurse brought in this huge bag and honestly, my first thought was that it had toys in there that Elora could choose from. My husband and I were in shock when they said the whole thing was hers.

From Bloomington to Indianapolis

The contents of the bag will greatly occupy his time during the trips to and from Bloomington for radiation and back to Riley for chemotherapy.

Making Chemotherapy a Little Easier

Every pocket filled to the brim with things to take his mind off of what was happening.

Thank You for Thinking of Our Son

As a parent you have touched my heart forever.

Tatum Brought Our Family Happiness

I will always remember that one of his happy times in that month was the day they brought him his Bag of Fun.

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