Volunteer with Tatum Parker Project | Indianapolis, Indiana


Whether you’re part of a group or a company, or you just want to make a difference individually, we have ideas for getting involved with the Tatum Parker Project’s work.


Your donation helps the Tatum Parker Project deliver more Bags of Fun and fund much needed pediatric cancer research. Monetary donations are the easiest and quickest way to support the work we do!

Corporate Sponsorships

Check out our sponsorship opportunities to see how you can help us in the fight against pediatric cancer. From the White & Gold Party to sponsoring Bags of Fun, there are lots of ways to get involved!

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities


Get ideas for organizing a fundraiser with your school, religious organization, and other group. We have suggestions for groups of all sizes and ages — or come up with your own!


One person can make a big impact! Check out our ideas for how you can raise funds to help support the Tatum Parker Project. Or, get creative and think up your own fundraiser!

White & Gold Party

Find out how you can become a part of our annual gala, the White & Gold Party. It’s our single largest fundraiser of the year — and it’s a ton of fun!